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Uranium = Hostess Fruit Pies (at least according to Iron Man)

January 2, 2013


I never would have guessed that Hostess Fruit Pies would be acceptable alternatives for an armor-clad, uranium-craving villain named Battle Axe. Nevertheless, here we are, with Hostess’ semi-fruitish confections passing as menu substitutions for fissionable material. Having suspicions about the nutritional content of the Fruit Pies, I might take my chances with radiation poisoning, melting internal organs and all. But I suppose we have to trust Iron Man on this, and it’s Hostess junk food for everyone.

Then again, maybe Tony Stark is on one of his epic Machine-Man-fighting benders. Ya buy yer ticket, ya takes yer chance.

(Also, could the secret to breaking the nuclear standoff with Iran be held in this old one-page advertisement? Your move, international diplomatic corps.)

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