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Pretend you’re Jimmy Doolittle with this B-25 model, raining down righteous ordnance of justice

December 12, 2012


Nothing brings a smile to a child’s face quite like imagining he’s avenging a sneak attack with his own bold raid deep into enemy territory. Maybe even throwing a wartime “KILL THE NIPS” racial tinge into the fantasy. The perfect sentiment for the holiday season! Santa Claus drops off presents, Jimmie/Jimmy Doolittle drops off bombs — pretty similar! Ho ho ho!

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  1. June 7, 2015 1:03 am

    The Doolittle Raid, just four months after Pearl Harbor, hit only industrial and military targets and in any case did little damage, as the planes carried only a small bombload. It boosted American morale at a dark time early in WWII and was a dangerous mission to those who flew it, due to the difficulties involved, and many of the American airmen on the raid never made it home. Jimmy Doolittle, a fine man and one of America’s greatest aviators, won a Medal of Honor for this feat of arms. I fail to see how this qualifies as a racist war crime as seems to be implied. I was one of those kids who in 1968 built the same Revell model kit of the B-25 mentioned in the ad, and far from turning me into a bloodthirsty warmonger, simply gave me a lifelong appreciation for history. Building a few model kits therefore might be a more useful exercise than blogging.

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