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Making whipped detergent Christmas trees and Frosty the Snowmans is fun for kids of all ages! Wait, what?

December 7, 2012


This little how-to page was found on the inside front cover of the comic in yesterday’s infinitely depressing Frosty the Snowman post. I have to confess, never in all my born days have I heard of using whipped detergent for Christmas arts and crafts projects, yet here we are. It begs the question: What detergent would make for the best whipping? The old standby Tide? The Chuck-Norris-approved Era? The cheap, probably carcinogen-laden generic stuff?

And would your whipped detergent decorations really last from year to year? Will aliens doing archeological excavations on a long-dead Earth dust off detergent snowmen with their brushes and think we worshipped three-tiered blobs in scarves and top hats?

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