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Even if your name is Lenny, don’t put Lenny on your personalized Clark Bar All Pro Sport Shirt

September 30, 2012

The modern trend of wearing sport jerseys is a tough for some people to get behind. They would hold that there are only two types of humans who shoud be allowed to wear the replica jersey of a professional athlete: children and women currently in a sexual relationship with that athlete. For everyone else, it’s incredibly schmucky, especially for middle-aged men with potbellies. That said, people who feel this way (like me) are in a distinct minority. One glance around an NFL stadium on a Sunday confirms that.

This old Clark Bar offer is an obvious exception because it’s your name on the jersey. But, though there’s nothing wrong with “Lenny” being the name standard-bearer, for me it conjures up images of fat, hairy plumbers with their ass cracks showing while they work on the kitchen sink’s clogged pipes. Once again, maybe this is my problem, but there you go.

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