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Some doctors’ bedside manners include very long lectures to affirm their medical superiority

September 7, 2012

Here’s another clunky PSA from the schoolmarmish folks at the National Social Welfare Assembly, penned by Jack Schiff and illustrated by Sheldon Moldoff. You know, if testing your “Brotherhood Quotient” wasn’t enough. I’m sure the kid with the hole in his foot is glad that the doctor is going into his long-winded debunking spiel. Might as well get his Amway pitch in while he’s at it. But hey, if you’re dumb enough to cure frostbite with snow or slap raw meat on your face to clear up a black eye, than maybe this would be good for you.

I find the old G.I. Goe “Knowing Is Half the Battle!” bits far less intrusive (though in this instance our font of unsolicited advice also appears out of nowhere). And far more informative, too, since something like “never slap a choking person on the back” is much more vital than whether or not shaving makes hair grow faster.

Also, I’d bet good money that this doc closed his bag, went back to his car and lit a cigarette to open up his lungs.

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