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Poor Donald Duck even got crapped on in 1940s weather-related Disney merchandising

April 5, 2012

Either Donald is getting worked over by Chip and Dale or those no account nephews of his, or he’s getting figuratively rained on in this odd little toy. He just can’t win.  I’ll never understand why the sun shines only on the incredibly unentertaining Mickey Mouse and why the Disney people scat and bebop all over Donald’s feathery behind. I realize he’s a tad confrontational, but let the duck have a good day now and then, you know?

Also not sure about the actual forecasting abilities of this lump of plastic — a lump of plastic back when plastic was a selling point, judging by the above ad. Best to consult your local newscast, newspaper, or stick your head out the window. (In its defense, the Mickey Mouse Weather House was an actual functioning barometer. You can find pictures of one here.)

Let’s not get started on the sun dial wrist watch.

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