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There was Snake Plissken, there was Solid Snake, and there was, um, this thing

March 5, 2011

Maybe this Snake trickery was one of the reasons why the Joker finally murdered Robin.

When I was in college I had something called a “Square One,” which was essentially a Rubik’s Cube where you not only had to align the colors, but also had to take its irregular jumbled shape and make it a cube. I think I used it as some glorified paperweight, but I had a roommate who picked it up one day and rarely put it down when he was home from that point on. He looked like a squirrel working on a nut when he was going at that thing.

I admired his patience. Within minutes I usually throw things like these across the room in a frustrated rage.

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  1. March 8, 2011 9:06 pm

    You know, that Batman on the first panel looks a lot like the one on the cover of Batman VS Hulk.

    • March 9, 2011 7:22 am

      You’re absolutely right. They’re not exactly the same, but close enough to make the similarities impossible to ignore, almost as if someone plopped a copy of the cover down in front of an artist and said “Make Batman look like this.” And apparently that person took that advice literally.

      Nice catch.

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