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1979: The Year of Super-Overkill

November 23, 2010
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I try very hard to spread out material on this blog, but I find that the Superman quotient, despite my best efforts at restraint, is always pretty high.

Then I saw this two-page 1979 ad, and I didn’t feel so bad.

I realize that the first Christopher Reeve Superman was still fresh, but this made me wonder whether anyone at DC ever heard of a thing called the “saturation point.” Remember when Who Wants to be a Millionaire? was the biggest thing on prime-time television and they decided to put it on every night? I think they even came up with a new day so it could actually be on eight days a week. Kind of the same thing here. Maybe there was a high level of Superman-tolerance in the comics world back then — and now. I used to buy four Super-books a month way back before he died and came back with atrocious long hair, so who am I to criticize?

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