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Chainmail bikini? Check. Flowing red hair? Check. Phallic symbol sword in hand? Check. – Marvel Feature #6

November 19, 2010

Red Sonja is one of those wonderful creations where people just say “To hell with it!” when it comes to reining in the sexuality and the fetishistic characteristics, and instead opt to simply let it all hang out. So to speak. Me? I’m generally indifferent to both swords and — with all due respect to the young Carrie Fisher — chainmail or metal bikinis.

But red hair? Yeah. I’m into that.

It is with tamped down urges that I present you with this book, one from the early days of Red Sonja’s comics career. Entitled “The Sons of Set!,” with a script from Roy Thomas and art from Frank Thorne, it starts with R.S. doing that “(Wo)Man with No Name” thing, i.e. riding around and looking for some action:

She’s very quickly attacked by half-man, half-jackal hybrids, and Thorne does a great job in showing, just through the look on Sonja’s face, the way blood and sexuality combine in this lady:

Red also proves that she ain’t squeamish:

Don’t say “aroused,” please!

After dispatching her beastly foes, she then encounters a wandering magician or wizard or sorceror or prince or something, who wants her to go to some forsaken land to retrieve a page torn from the Iron-Bound Book of Skellos. And what would make Sonja do this guy a favor? Why, every girl’s — even a savage girl’s — best friend, of course:

She travels to Messantia, which Thorne renders nicely — I can almost feel the cobblestones under my feet:

While sneaking in through the sewers (They always go in through the sewers, don’t they?), she is once more attacked by bipedal monstrosities, this time half-crocs. They present a bit more of a challene then the jackal-men, but good ol’ Red is up to the task:

She’s impaling a crocodile-man with a thrown sword AND flashing some ass-cleavage at the same time. My kind of woman.

So she finally gets past all these roadblocks and comes to the room that’s holding the Iron Page of Whatever, and who should she run into?:


I enjoyed reading this book about as much as I have any in recent weeks. Thomas is his usual steady self with the writing chores, but Thorne’s art was what really sold me. He does commendable work in making Sonja both an object of desire and a woman you would NOT want to mess around with, an achievement not surprising in retrospect when you consider his broader erotic oeuvre. That look on her face in the second interior scan says so much about her, and that the art speaks so clearly is the mark of a talented comic book artist. Kudos to you, Mr. Thorne.

It’s made me forget all about this crap:

And one last thing — “The Cimmerian and Two She-Devils!” kind of sounds like a porn.

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