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Not bad for a mashup – The Avengers, old timey style

August 10, 2010

Every now and then when I’m wasting time on YouTube I see movie trailers that are “fanmade.” They’re always junk cobbled together from various movies and TV shows and passed off as something else. I haven’t watched many, but the few that I have seen are stupid wastes of time both for me and for the poor misguided souls that birthed them.

They’re almost as pointless as writing a comics blog. Hey, wait a second…

This trailer? This one is kind of fun.

I saw a post about it over at It’s basically a trailer for The Avengers if that film had been made in the days of black and white and serials and double features. Just ignore the fact that the Avengers didn’t exist in 1952 and enjoy this rough assemblage of a bunch of different properties. And count the “Marvel” characters that you can spot:

I like the “Iron Man.” And “Thor” isn’t too shabby either.

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