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Now that’s what I call “commitment to a bit” – Batman #313

June 14, 2010

I was flipping through my archives over the weekend, digging for material for a post highlighting a particular Batman artist of my youth, when I pulled out this issue.  I really love this cover from Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez — we all know of Two-Face’s slavish devotion to duality and the number 2, but you have to stand with mouth agape at how far he takes it.  I mean, geez, talk about taking your work home with you.  As if the custom tailoring of his suits wasn’t enough.

I especially appreciate the stains on the lampshade.  Now that’s a home in search of a maid.

And stay tuned for that other Batman post.  You know, “Same Bat Channel” and all that jazz.  I’m sure I’ll get it done at some point.

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