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Sunday Stupid: To celebrate Opening Day, let’s watch Hal McRae trash his office and draw blood!

April 5, 2015

Organized professional baseball has been around for well over a century, and therefore there are oh so many less-than-stellar moments to go along with the highlights. For every gimpy Kirk Gibson walk-off World Series home run, there’s George Brett regaling anyone within earshot about his pants-shitting predilections.

So with MLB’s new season opening tonight and tomorrow across the land, it seems an opportune moment to dredge up one of those low ebbs. In honor of Mr. Brett, let’s go with another Kansas City Royal. Hal McRae, ladies and gentlemen: never, ever ask him a stupid question — sort of like how you should never get a Gremlin wet or feed it after midnight. My favorite part of the above video? Besides the reporter emerging from the manager’s office with a gash under his eye from a hurled phone? The bottle of liquor that materializes out of nowhere, and how, in the remnants of his uniform, McRae looks like a cowboy in long johns who just wants to go to his bunk and get soused.

Baseball fever — catch it!

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