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Wear Cheryl Ladd’s chest on your chest!

November 22, 2014


So whose cleavage would you rather have on the fabric that’s covering your cleavage? Cheryl Ladd? Suzanne Somers? The jutting, thrusting Dallas Cowboy(s) Cheerleaders? Or maybe just settle for KISS rocking your face off? (The common denominator of them all would seem to be their propensity for décolletage.)

I know Ladd was a sex symbol in her day, but were there a lot of teen boys aching to wear t-shirts with a woman’s picture on them in the 1970s, hot or not? Isn’t that more something you’d see Super Creepy Rob Lowe sporting? Whatever the answers, one thing is clear: this Whoppers iron-on offer gives Hooters a run for its double entendre money. Bewbs, men! Bewbs!

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