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Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr. and Hoppy all want you to subscribe to Mechanix Illustrated

August 10, 2014


Super-powered beings who can fly and plow through any obstruction known to man aren’t the most obvious spokes-people (and spokes-bunnies) for a mechanical magazine, one dedicated to hard labor and its fruits, but here we are: Captain Marvel et famille, desperate for your Mechanix Illustrated subscription dollars. Did said magazine have hot Hot HOT centerfolds of grease monkeys rebuilding engines (hence the X)? Of newly repaired carburetors glistening in the sun? Or maybe there was a feature on the flight mechanics of the odd and creepy Captain Marvel flying paper toy, aka The Batson with Two Backs. One can only hope. The mag lasted all the way to this century, so they had to get to it eventually, right? It couldn’t be wall to wall specs of utterly impractical cars every month, could it?

So fellows, subscribe today! Or sixty years ago, one or the other!

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