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Me vs. (that’s VS.) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

May 21, 2014


Here I am getting all set to pound out a review of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and what should come across the wire but that the gestating Batman/Superman film finally has a title. And what a title it is: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Which is loathsome and corporate and focus-grouped and, like pretty much all the casting (Stick figure Wonder Woman! Let’s cast the guy who played young billionaire Facebook guy as young billionaire Lex Luthor!), utterly underwhelming. The only saving grace is that it wasn’t “Rise of Justice,” because then my head would have goddamn exploded. Rise of the Dawn of the Darkness of Justice. I realize World’s Finest would be somewhat esoteric for the non-comic masses, but wouldn’t it have been more elegant than this?

I liked Man of Steel, quite a bit in fact, and I, like everyone else, was jazzed when the Batman-infused sequel was announced. But this is turning into a never-ending damper of anticipation. And, just to quibble: “v” denotes a legal case, whereas “vs.” implies contretemps. So this title sounds more like a David E. Kelley courtroom drama that will be cancelled after three episodes. Whatever.


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