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Oh God, Tarzan killed Simba! Poor, sweet Simba!

November 15, 2013


In our gentler PETA world, this old Aurora model kit stands out. It’s one thing for Spider-Man to spray his webs down on a prone Kraven, but it’s another for Tarzan to stab a lion through the heart and then do his trademark yell over its lifeless body. This model might be a fine example of we humans being able to tolerate any amount of violence to our fellow man, but breaking down in tears whenever an animal goes down — irrespective of said animal’s lethality. Our wussification, call it what you will. Hopefully the lion at least started the fight. Maybe it tried to take Tarzan’s wallet from his briefs or something.

Don’t forget to paint in the blood, kids!

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  1. anonymous permalink
    March 31, 2014 2:22 am

    Damn you ,Tarzan! I never had opinion of you because of what you did to animals that I like! And so, I support PETA. If I really could, I’d make Simba kill you after biting off your hands and arms. After all, you make me ashamed to be human.

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