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Because smelly hobo hippies are the best way to advertise Teen Beat

November 12, 2013


DC’s failed attempt at a teen magazine, “Teen Beat,” was as short-lived as short-lived can be. It lasted for all of one issue before changing its name to “Teen Beam” so as to avoid confusion with Tiger Beat, and after one edition under that new moniker it was gone forever. The youth of America then had to look elsewhere for┬ávapid features on hot musicians of the day. Surprisingly, they came through that Moses-in-the-desert exile unscathed.

This flash in the pan shouldn’t be confused with the long-running mag of the same name. I blame the raggedy bum in the ad for both the utter failure and the confusion. (By the way, that’s “Teeny” perched on his shoulder, the Greek chorus mascot of the mag. What’s that? You don’t care? Good for you.)

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