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Stay gold, Cylon Centurion. Stay gold.

October 11, 2013


We’ve really lost something since the days of mail-in proofs of purchase specials and 4-6 weeks for delivery. There was the sweet agony of waiting for your precious toy to arrive at your front door, for kids an early lesson in how the build is almost always better than the actual event. I can still recall fondly the anticipation for my Anakin Skywalker (the Sebastian Shaw Anakin, not the later, lesser Anakins) figure to come in the mail — even if it was underwhelming in its execution. When you finally got what you wanted, you felt like something had really been accomplished, and that’s been lost in the era of instant gratification. (Truth: I bought something on eBay last week, and when it took more than three days to arrive I was ready to call out the National Guard. Wherethehellisit?)

Would a barely poseable Gold Cylon Centurion have the same allure with next-day delivery?

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