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Spot all the things wrong in this Fruit Stripe Gum sweepstakes ad, even in the Terms and Conditions

October 10, 2013


Though it’s not the easiest task to spot all the things wrong in a picture depicting a world wherein Day-Glo zebras drive locomotives, such was the gist of this old Fruit Strip Gum sweepstakes. You had to circle the things screwy in the drawing (hint: pretty much everything) and then hack it out of your precious comic to mail it in, all in the hopes of winning a precious Disney World vacation (of the classic five days, four nights arrangement).

Oh wait — it says in the terms and conditions (sorry if this didn’t scan well) that correct answers aren’t necessary to win. Like all sweepstakes. So what again is the point of going through these motions and destroying your prized comic? J’accuse, Fruit Stripe Gum people. J’accuse.

Hey, Yipes — stick to mazes.

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  1. October 11, 2013 9:04 pm

    That Fruit Stripe gum held its flavor for like a minute! Even when I was a kid I knew this stuff was crap. great post

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