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Stan Lee goes on the campaign trail to sell Marvel mags as Fozzie Bear and Alfred E. Neuman make cameos

October 4, 2013


This ad presents Stan Lee in the aspect we visualize him as inhabiting for most of his career: tireless salesman of the Marvel brand, ever ready to hit the hustings and make his pitch. And a suit and tie certainly are more fitting for him than dressing up like the Brawny paper towels lumberjack. The Hulk counting on his fingers and the Thing wearing finery and a mayoral sash are just gravy.

Also, please note the back-of-the-head cameos in the audience. Fozzie Bear with his distinctive chapeau is most obvious, but the gentleman to his left is a tad more surreptitious. The ears and unkempt hair are always Alfred E. Neuman’s dead giveaway, though.

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