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Dubble Bubble: Gum and Anti-Bullying Device

September 14, 2013


Fleer’s Dubble Bubble wasn’t just a gum so hard it could rip your teeth out by the roots. It could also serve as a MacGyver-like tool to put a neighborhood bully (who looks like a young, unbearded Bluto/Brutus) in his place. Versatile. And hey, you don’t need Rosie Grier and a racist Ray Milland to make The Thing with Two Heads — just a few sticks of Dubble Bubble! Neat!

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  1. mlpost permalink
    September 14, 2013 11:57 pm

    I’m no genius, but I don’t remember ever being dumb enough when I was kid to think I could scare people by blowing a bubble as big as my head. This is kinda surreal.
    I don’t know from Fleer, but if you wanna talk about shitty hard-ass gum, Bazooka Joe’s got a lot to answer for. That stuff could dislocate your jaw.
    The comics weren’t much better, all I remember about Joe is that he was missing an eye, possibly from a William Tell-type situation.

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