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Here’s an old Spider-Man and Thor House of Ideas ad that will make you envy your comic forebears so damn much

August 31, 2013


Maybe this isn’t the most spectacular juxtaposition of on sale comics from back in the day, but it still highlights fairly well the joys of heading to the Marvel side of the spinner rack in the 1960s, when even average comics were a triumph (though it’s hard to call a Ditko-infused Spider-Man comic with the Green Goblin and the Hulk “average.”) There’s a certain class of people who, if given access to a time machine, wouldn’t use said miraculous device to, say, go back and kill Hitler, or watch Moses part the Red Sea, but would use it to by comics. I confess that I might fall into that class — butterfly effects be damned.

A codicil to this is that no one would ever have such thoughts upon viewing a vintage Charlton ad.

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  1. m.l. post permalink
    August 31, 2013 9:29 pm

    I’ve actually got that issue of Thor. It’s bagged and boarded in a box in my mother’s basement. And someday, when I’ve gone on to my great reward, one of my sister’s kids will sell it on E-bay and probably use the proceeds to buy some weed. Though we are all mortal, art is truly immortal and belongs to the ages.

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