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Can the Forgotten Prisoner of Castlemare truly be forgotten if no one knows who the hell he is in the first place?

August 1, 2013


As obscure as the Phantom of the Opera would have been to many children of the pre-Andrew Lloyd Weber/Michael Crawford 1970s, I’m guessing there were a few more who uttered a good, hearty “Who the f**k is the Forgotten Prisoner of Castlemare?” to no one in particular upon seeing this ad. No, he wasn’t from a book or a movie like his Frankenstein/Mummy/Wolf Man/Dracula kinsmen, but was instead a 1960s model kit loosely tied to a story in the old Warren mag Creepy. A couple of years ago a fellow blogger posted the entire story, in case some of you remain a little perplexed about why this prisoner was imprisoned, where Castlemare is, and just why its denizens apparently forgot their prisoners.

In fairness, it is a pretty badass model, even in its glow in the dark state. Also, did the stupid tombstones come with the kits? You know, in case you wanted to smash them or crush them in your father’s workshop vise?

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  1. phil permalink
    August 2, 2013 5:08 am

    I never knew if you were supposed to paint to glow in the dark bits or not, I guess not unless you used luminous paint. But I had Frankenstein’s monster!

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