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Coming soon to a 1942 theater near you: Wake Island, starring the disembodied voice from Days of Our Lives

July 27, 2013


This ad was found on the inside back cover of Real Heroes #7, which was profiled here the other day. Like much of that comic’s contents, Wake Island celebrated heroism in defeat, a necessary angle when Allied forces didn’t have a whole lot upon which to hang their collective hats. Island was your typical rushed Hollywood flag-waving — indeed, it was being planned even before its titular battle’s bullets stop flying. It played fast and loose with the facts of the brave American resistance and threw in a little anachronistic romance, but it did have MacDonald Carey in it as one of its stars. Yes, that MacDonald Carey, the one whose calm, soothing intonation would smooth a viewer’s entry and exit from the Days of Our Lives universe every weekday for many, many years.

Like Sands of Iwo Jima through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives on Wake Island…

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