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Your money checks into the Haunted House Mystery Bank. It doesn’t check out.

June 3, 2013


If neither pirate banks nor miniature TV banks float your boat, perhaps entrusting hard-earned loose change to spooky ghouls is more your thing. Apparently there were variant versions of the “Haunted House Mystery Bank”: one had a hand that popped out and snatched away the coin placed on the doorstep, while the other had a ghost that did the same. Pick your haunted house poison, I guess. (You can see the INCREDIBLY LOUD ghost version in the embed below.)

Also, the house in the ad looks like either Cain’s or Able’s domicile in the Sandman books. House of Mystery? House of Secrets? You decide.

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  1. June 3, 2013 9:19 pm

    I confess to having the skeleton-in-a-coffin bank, where the skeleton’s hand slipped out from under a cover to take the coin and drag it back into the coffin. I loved that thing–I wish I still had it. 😀

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