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You’ll go trebly wild (or something) for Triple-Flips

May 21, 2013


Two things about this ad for the tiny, magnetic, underwhelming Triple-Flips board games: First, I think we might be seeing (or reading) a gay young man’s first tentative attempt at a homosexual pass in the first panel of the second row. He’s at camp, he’s with a friend who’s “out of this world,” he quickly retracts the awkward compliment — just saying. Nothing wrong with that, and I’m certainly not trying to impose slashfic paramaters on something that may or may not be there. Second, the Triple-Flips are a bit deceptive with their ad, in that they imply you can flip from alien invasions, shark attacks and wild west shenanigans in one package, yet the listing at the bottom (sorry for the rough scan quality) indicates that there are themes for each Triple-Flip. MISLEADING.

Someone call the Better Business Bureau of the 1980s. After inventing a time machine, of course.

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