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Yes, CBS Saturday mornings once teamed Superman and Aquaman with Shazzan and Moby Dick

May 4, 2013


Consider this a counterweight to the other CBS Super Heroes post from several days ago, this time with 100% more Aquaman. A few observations: One, Superman apparently can’t be bothered to pose for more than one photo. He’s a busy fellow, after all. Two, I never knew there was an actual Shazzan cartoon, and only knew about the decades-later SNL Robert Smigel parody, the one with an added “g.” (Favorite line: “You’ll miss the picnic!”) I am now fully enlightened. Three, I don’t know if rejiggering Herman Melville’s Moby Dick into an insipid cartoon deserves commendation or condemnation. Both? Four, is Race Bannon spanking Bandit? Isn’t that the sort of thing Race usually saves for his private bedroom time with Benton?

Anyway, enjoy your cartoons, children of the 1960s.

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