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“Our hopes and dreams travel with you…” – Man of Steel Trailer #3

April 16, 2013

Behold, the last trailer for this summer’s Superman reboot, one that goes a bit beyond the artsy-fartsy moping of the teaser(s) and first trailer. What’s promising? Big action — on Krypton and Earth. Henry Cavill actually smiling once while in the super-tights. Michael Shannon, as General Zod, channeling Sting’s I WILL KILL HIM Dune craziness. The LexCorp building. Pa Kent choking up. Superman actually punching someone HARD. Less than promising? Set-up that might be ponderous. The “S” symbol meaning “Hope,” an overused movie word that makes me want to chunder. A city once again menaced by a beam of light from above. An Amy Adams/Lois Lane VO line-read that’s as flat as a board.

Which side will win? Will this movie finally get DC going on their shared Justice League universe, or will it set us back another five years? We’ll know in two months.

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