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Dan Majerle’s armpit would like you to make Topps your basketball card brand of choice

March 8, 2013


Now Dan Majerle is known for catching ground rule doubles with one hand while holding a plate of food in the other, but “Thunder Dan” was once a hell of a gunner during the Phoenix Suns’ mid-90s run. He teamed with current Sacremento mayor Kevin Johnson and renowned raconteur Charles Barkley to push Michal Jordan’s Bulls as hard as close to the NBA Finals brink as they’d ever get, and I can still see in my mind’s eye his ripped arms raining down threes on helpless opponents. He was like a Baywatch lifeguard with mad hoops skillz.

And, as seen above, such exploits were enough to make him the advertising face of Topps’ 1993 basketball card offering. Well, actually his armpit is the frontman, which reminds us all that basketball, with its (usual) lack of sleeves, is the most armpit-laden of all major professional sports. And in this, Mr. Majerle is no Kevin McHale, a man who was 2/3 pit, and the all-time record holder in this statistical category. But Thunder Dan did his best.

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