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Behold, visual evidence that Andy Panda and Charlie Chicken may be the worst dog groomers in recorded history

March 5, 2013


As if the cringe-worthiness of mush-mouthed pickaninny Li’l Eight Ball wasn’t enough to turn readers away from Walter Lantz’s New Funnies, here’s Andy Panda imperilling a pup’s long ears with scissors. Apparently he got his beautician degree at The Lyndon Baines Johnson School for the Torture of Floppy Dog Ears. What kid wouldn’t want a poster that makes them flinch in vicarious anticipation of pain every time their eyes pass over it? You know, to go with a subscription to the racist comics. GO BACK TO CHINA, ANDY.

And thanks, Charlie Chicken, for shining the dog’s paws. Yeah, that’s a big help.

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  1. wordsmith permalink
    March 6, 2013 10:31 am

    Andy’s middle name is De-man-der.

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