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Monsanto: corporate bogeyman, bringer of plastic joy to rosy-cheeked children

March 2, 2013


If you ever want to wind an environmentalist up, just say the word “Monsanto” and watch them go. Not to imply that they don’t have grounds to loathe a liberal bugbear company that treads in GMO territory (like the horrifying sounding “terminator seeds”, which they promise they’re not developing, but still think might be a good idea) and has become an all-encompassing conglomerate only rivalled by Halliburton and Eric Cartman’s Trapper Keeper. It’s just that the visceral hatred of them might verge over the top from time to time.

So show your green friends this ad, which touts Monsanto’s plastic prowess and puts them only one degree of separation away from children so happy with their toys they can’t even open their eyes from smiling so hard. (It’s a simple formula: Color + Plastic = Irrepressible Euphoria.) See if your tree-hugging pals’ response is something along the lines of “That’s just what they would do.”

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