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Build your Arsenal of Democracy, Young America

February 26, 2013


Though this model kit ad was pulled from a mag with an early 1942 cover date, the verbiage would seem to indicate that it was crafted pre-Pearl Harbor, what with terms like “National Defense” and references to the far away war in Europe. You know, when America was still in its “help others defend themselves” mode, before the full-on “KILL THE JAPS AND NAZIS” mentality. Hell, a kid may have been looking at this very ad, pondering the fun he could have with a whole book of cardboard cutouts, as his parents listened to the “Infamy” speech on the radio.

Regardless, you’re never to young to learn to build paper death engines. (Also, I’d think that the Captain Marvel flying paper toy would have been more than enough to terrify Tojo and Hitler into immediate unconditional surrender.)

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