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The comics were hung by the chimney with care, in the hopes OH GOD WAIT DON’T DO THAT

December 24, 2012

Batman out in the cold on Christmas – Alex Ross

I’m working on a post for Christmas morning, one that looks at a nice comic from a series we’ve examined here before, and one that hits every holiday trope under the sun. It will send you straight to the Moon, as it were. Until then, I thought I’d post some links, just in case people wanted to have a little Christmas-themed comicy reading as they sip cocoa and wait for the sound of sleigh bells and such.

Here we go, in run-on sentence format: This past month we’ve looked at such forgotten fare as A Boy and His ‘Bot, She-Hulk’s infuriating encounter with Nick St. Christopher, Frosty the Snowman telling the most depressing dying donkey story you’ll ever read, Peter Parker facing a depressing Christmas and battling a gun-wielding burglar dressed as Santa (and lots of ladies’ hinders!), a not cheap but not overly expensive idea for a comic Christmas gift, Superman lamenting his Christmas duties while battling the Parasite and meeting a foster brother he never knew he had, and the first Frank Miller Batman story, which of course had a Santa getting shot in the back.

Merry Christmas. And Happy Festivus, for all you Seinfeldian agnostics out there. The unadorned aluminum pole, airing of grievances and feats of strength await.

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