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Playing your Airwolf and WWF wrestling video games with a corded controller was just so gauche

December 9, 2012


These would have come in handy back in the day, when I’d go over to my friend’s house, we’d play his Nintendo and get all crazy and wind up accidentally yanking it off the shelf by the controller cords. You try intense Double Dragon and Double Dribble sessions when you’re ten years old without breaking something. There were always some tense moments as we rebooted the machine and worried whether it would come back on, lest we faced the wrath of his parents. I therefore have great empathy for Kid Remote’s plight.

Incidentally, while I knew there was a WWF wrestling game (the Hulk Hogan shirt-rip cover is emblazoned on my memory) I had no recollection of an Airwolf game. You could re-enact the Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine infused helicopter adventures in eight bits? Where did — screw it, where DO — we sign up?

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