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Mr. Bubble’s Tub Tales… OF HORROR

December 3, 2012


The big-eyed Mr. Bubble, a fixture of bath additive commercials in my youth and a pitchman with a Frankenberry je ne sais quoi, long begged a number of questions. Was he of any relation to the Scrubbing Bubbles clan? Did he and the Kool-Aid Man share union representation (Federated Unwelcome Product Mascots, Local 151)? Whatever the answers were, this Archie-ish advertisement (by noted Archie artist Don DeCarlo) adds another creepy layer to the mix. DO YOU WANT THIS MONSTER IN THE BATH WITH YOUR CHILDREN? I think not.

And what can you say about the Mr. Bubble merchandise available below? One thing: I’m sure if there are any vintage Mr. Bubble shirts out there that were once worn by boys, there are indelible bloodstains on them. You know, from the non-stop beatings and all. Better or worse fashion than Vincent-themed Beauty and the Beast attire? That’s one question that’s above my pay grade.

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