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I’ve often wished that I had a Game Genie for my life, so I could at times walk about with a huge head and unlimited ammo

September 26, 2012

Remember the Game Genie? From back in that Nintendo-dominated middle era of video games, long after the 1-bit back and forth of Pong and long before the cinematic Playstation/Xbox/Wii immersion we have today, the device that would let you cheat and dick around with regular games to your heart’s content? Yeah, I had almost forgotten about it. I didn’t have a video game system growing up (well, actually I had an old Atari, but by the time the 1990s rolled around, that was more embarrassing than anything else), and I only knew one kid who had one of these things. He’d tell tales of the various hacks he’d be able to put into various games, and they bounced off me like tales of cars and computers ricocheting off an uncontacted tribesman. It was lore from another world. I might as well have been Amish.

Nintendo once tried to sue the pants off Galoob for the Game Genie. They (Nintendo) lost, and gamers everywhere (like Kilroy Jr. up there) rejoiced at keeping their god-like abilities to alter the side-scrolling worlds unfurling before them. Even on Game Boys.

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