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There was a lot of dweeby overlap between the Bobby Shelby Safety Club and the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club

September 24, 2012

With the freckles and the sweater, Bobby Shelby could easily have passed for that intrepid ginger Daily Planet photog, the one so beloved by the virgin masses. Concordantly, it would seem that, if you Venn diagrammed their respective club memberships, there wouldn’t be many clubbers outside of the mutual zone. The unifying characteristics would be that they’ve all had their lunch money stolen, their books dumped, and their underwear pulled over their heads in atomic wedgies, all on MULTIPLE occasions.

Bonus: It’s always a corker to see 1950s bike safety propaganda and its complete lack of helmets. “Make sure to smoke at least a pack a day, kids! Keep those lungs open and healthy!”

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