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The Miami Heat of Saturday morning cartoon lineups?

June 22, 2012

Apparently, 1967 was a good time to turn your dial to ABC and its solid block of Saturday morning cartoonery. Not only did you have the original H.E.R.B.I.E.-less Fantastic Four show and Spider-Man doing whatever a spider can, but Casper (well, Casper sucks, but still…), George of the Jungle, the Beatles (Featuring 100% More Ringo Nose!), and some Journey to the Center of the Earth action were in there as well. (I remember watching reruns of that last cartoon when I was little. Loved how they kept finding carved initials of the explorer that blazed the trail before them.) Oh, and King Kong is in there too. Until seeing this ad, I had no idea that there was ever a Kong cartoon. Despite the awesomely deep baritone in the opening song (TEN TIMES AS BIG AS A MAAAAAAAN), it looks pretty dopey. If, like me, you enjoy the inherent menace of the original King Kong property, his family-friendly adventures with a young boy and his folks might not be for you.

Everyone thinks that their youth was the Golden Age of cartoons, and I have a great fondness for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and the like. But this assemblage — even with King Neutered Kong — wasn’t too bad.

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