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The hypnosis guy had one of the creepiest back page ads in comic book history

May 29, 2012

To me, any master of hypnosis who advertises in comic books is right on par with dentists who put patients under and grope them. Unsettling.

Like guitar lesson ads that carry the implied promise of a bounty of women swooning to your melodious chords, this one, with the recumbent babe in a diaphanous robe submitting to hypnosis, carries the promise that you’ll be able to overcome a woman’s conscious “get away from me, you pig” barriers. You know, like a “YOU ARE GETTING SLEEPY” date rape drug. WONDERFUL. Look at the guy up there. It appears that he’s at least getting ready to fondle her breasts.

There’s also some of the “Shamed By Your English?” dude in here as well. I wish there was a name for the anonymous, serious, finger-pointing hypnosis professional whose picture accompanies the ad (maybe there is — is there another version?). He reminds me a bit of Orwell’s Big Brother. Always watching, always making you obey his commands.

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