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Either put together a Gobot model or jab a butter knife into your skull. YOUR CHOICE.

March 15, 2012

“Hey Timmy, you know those crappy B-grade Transformers wannabes? The clunky ones devoid of personality? Well, now you can get models of them, so that you’ll have to snap and glue them together before they can bore you to tears and you throw them in the garbage!”

Turns out the real “Challenge of the Gobots” was relevancy, as they were the Betamax/MiniDisc/HD-DVD of 1980s transforming robot toys. There was no bigger fan of the Transformers fan than me, but I looked upon the Gobots as shadowy interlopers that probably carried some dreaded disease on their fetid rags. And if someone had set a Gobot model kit in front of me, I might have immolated myself in protest.

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