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Shuperstar: Redux

July 3, 2011


I realize I posted the other AAU Shuperstar advertisement a few weeks ago, but I thought I’d close the book on this character with this far more entertaining bit of tomfoolery. Yes, the scrungy hippie-looking “Dirty Sneaker” is about to use the ghastly might of the Bee Gees to destroy the Earth. Seems plausible.

AAU Shuperstar’s method of disposing with this foe, i.e. kicking him in the ass and rocketing him into space (assuredly killing him), reminds me a bit of an old and odd Superman anti-smoking ad from England. Mostly, though, it calls to mind the Wonderman bits from the (tragically) short-lived TV Funhouse show on Comedy Central, in which a Superman-esque character dispatched romantic rivals by, well, see for yourself — if you’re not familiar, I promise it’ll be one of the funnier things you’ll see today:

“Wonderman … fights a constant crusade to stop crime and get his alias laid!” gets me every time.

And with that, friends, the AAU Shuperstar passes into history, never to be featured here again.

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