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Back, men! Back! – Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #128

June 1, 2011

This was from that month at DC (December 1997) when most titles had a honkin’ life-sized face on the cover. I’d wager that this one put all the others to shame. Here’s the question: What’s the over/under on how many geeks made out with this cover? 1? 10? 1,000?

This José Luis Garcia-Lopez crafted portrait may be the most fetching Wonder Woman image ever forged. Could it be the champ? The come-hither look is none too shabby, right? I’m tempted to break it down to talk about what components really make it work, but I think I’ll just keep quiet on this one. It speaks well enough for itself without me chiming in more than I already have.

It certainly graphically illustrates what a daunting challenge it is to cast a suitable actress to carry the mantle of Diana. All due respect to Linda Carter, but it may be impossible.

And then there was the delightful surprise I got when I cracked this puppy open to see what was happening on the John Byrne everything-but-the-colors insides (you know, “beauty is only skin deep” and all that jazz):

Ahhhhh. That goes down so nice. Beauty and the Egg.

Sadly, this first post-Crisis appearance of Egg Fu had that hideous racial caricature reduced to an inanimate machine from Apokolips masquerading as a 19th century super-computer. So no prehensile whiskers or Charlie Chan-talk. Waah.

Why have I never taken a hard-boiled egg and drawn Egg Fu features on it? Add that to the bucket list. Do they make a Paas kit for that?

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  1. Phil permalink
    April 15, 2012 5:07 am

    I’m Asian and I should be more offended by Eggy but somehow I can’t bring myself to be tremendously offended. Because he’s a egg. And he makes me laugh because he’s so ridiculous. I think Bob Kanigher was more ashamed of creating him than I was offended reading him. Egg-fu was so over the top he was satire. After all who is less of a stereotype, an evil Asian egg with a mustache or some guy in red pajamas walking around New York doing kung fu? All these years later and it’s still hard to find a non stereotype Asian in comics. The last guy, the new Atom, got killed off.

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