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If you come across this sight, then RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION – The Terminator #8

December 19, 2010

Here’s some knowledge for life… If you ever see a cyborg from the future coming at you piloting a fanboat, then that, my friend, is when you need to HEAD FOR ZEE HILLS. I’m not even throwing the gigantic machine gun into the mix.

The great Norm Breyfogle, whose stupendous Batman work I once praised here, created this cover, but I was bitterly disappointed when I found that he didn’t handle the art chores inside. That, combined with the fact that Arnold and Linda Hamilton’s ripped arms are no where to be found on the inside, kept me from wading through the story. The latter is kind of a problem with all Terminator comics, I guess, but I thought that cover was cool enough to merit a quick post. Come to think of it, most of the Terminator covers from Now Comics were pretty nice.

“Da moah contact I have wid humans, da moah I luhn.”

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