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Megatron? Where’s his arm-mounted fusion cannon? – Shogun Warriors #18

December 8, 2010

It’s hard for me to divorce any giant robot property from the Transformers. Just a consequence of the era in which I was raised, I guess. The 80’s were rife with giant ‘bots, whether they were autonomous like the Transformers and the Go-Bots, or were piloted, like Voltron, the Robotech mechs and (my personal favorite) Tranzor Z:

Throw the Shogun Warriors into the latter category.

I won’t rip or praise this particular comic — I don’t have the background with the property to really read “The Chaos Wars” in the proper context. And I always try very hard to separate these forerunners from the giant robots that I grew up with, but it’s hard. A weird mental gymnastics goes on in my head that somehow makes the older property a rip-off of the later. Know what I mean? And, as the cover would indicate, the main villain in this issue isn’t one that would exactly disassociate the Shoguns from Autobots:

Since he’s big, yellow and says “we,” you expect “We are Legion” to be his line. Green Lanterns beware.

The similarities continue — not only is the issue’s villain named Megatron, the hero robots transform:

By the way, Firehawk is called “Firebird” in the very next page. Oops?

Megatron even whips his arms together to form a gun, just like the Decepticon Megatron in the first live-action movie:

I’m all confused.

Herb Trimpe’s art isn’t at its best in this book, but perhaps that’s my bias for his stellar Hulk work coming through. I’m willing to consider that possibility. I will say that the first full-page interior scan that I posted has a nice scale to it. All things considered, the writing (Doug Moench) and art (Trimpe and Mike Esposito) aren’t bad in light of this being a simple vehicle to flog toys. Perhaps they made the best of it.

Shogun Warrriors, transform and roll out.

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