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Silver Age humor, such as it was – Not Brand Echh #3

October 27, 2010

This comic isn’t as offensively stupid as it would seem, and the silly parodies of prized Marvel properties aren’t quite as lame as their names would suggest. Here are the opening pages from each of these three characters’ “origin” stories, just to give you a taste of what these books were like if you aren’t familiar with them:

The Mighty Sore:

The Inedible Bulk:

Charlie America:

As an added bonus, have a gander at this panel from the “Mighty Sore” tale — spot the famous faces!:

I can’t say that there’s a great deal of substance to be found here, but seeing Jack Kirby parody his own visual style in the “Sore” story was mildly entertaining, and there are sight gags aplenty throughout the entire comic. In the Charlie America scan, you can spot Thing (or whatever the hell Thing’s Brand Echh counterpart is) looking at a book with “Geology Photos.” Ah, the Playboy for the rock-encrusted among us.

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