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I hope he’s wearing some protection in his nether regions – Captain Action and his Super Hero Parachute

September 17, 2010

This thing looks like it would be painful in what we might gingerly refer to as “that most sensitive of areas.” Really painful.

For an overview of this toy and the various guises of Captain Action (including an absolutely horrifying pic of the figure without clothing), check out this site. I thought it was sort of interesting. I had a passing familiarity with the DC adaptation of the character, but not of the original toy. Color me informed.

The ad reminded me of a G.I. Joe parachute I had as a kid, and how that accessory made my action figures fall faster than they would without it. I swear. So, while it was a magnificent failure at its intended purpose, I suppose it had some merit in that it managed to thusly defy the most fundamental laws of physics.

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