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I might have the time, but I most assuredly don’t have the patience – Aurora Hobby Kits

September 4, 2010

I was never much for models as a kid. I remember having a model kit for KITT (hey…) from Knight Rider, but despite my best efforts the damn thing turned out as a misshapen glue-riddled mess. I think it made a prompt turbo boost jump right into the garbage.

And so ended my brief dalliance with models.

I am, however, intrigued by these ads which I see crop up in Silver Age books. I associate models with cars and ships and metal things in general, not flesh and blood (sort of) characters. I was just wondering what one of these things would look like all finished.

Here’s the box to one of them:

And here’s a finished product, after it’s been snapped and glued and painted:

Kind of neat, though I’m not crazy about the webbing effect. This particular model was reissued a couple of times, and one of the later iterations came with a mini-comic inside. Hmm…

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