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Ain’t no kooky bat gonna bite Luke Cage’s neck! – Power Man and Iron Fist #76

June 27, 2010

As can be guessed by the cover, there are a pair of stories in this issue.  Since the Luke Cage installment is the goofy gem of the two, let’s get the Iron Fist half out of the way nice and quick.  In “Death Scream of the Warhawk,” written by Mike Barr with pencils from both Rudy Nebres and Frank Miller, Fist tracks down and beats the hell out of a sniper.  The only element that makes this story stand out is Frank Miller handling a couple pages of the artwork — action beats, of course:

Enough of that.  Now for the main event.

In “The Vampire Strikes Back,” written by Mary Jo Duffy with pencils from Mark Bright, Power Man goes up against a, you guessed it, low-rent Dracula.  Cage and his film-buff friend, the presciently named D.W. Griffith, are on their way home after watching a vampire movie when a real one attacks them.  What a coincidence.  The rather fay looking vampire (most are, though) tries to bite Cage’s neck and gets a rude dental surprise when he finds that he can’t break through the nigh-impenetrable skin.  He gets thrown off but uses some of his powers to subdue and rather awkwardly mount our hero:

D.W. saves Cage by forming a makeshift cross, but the vampire puts the hex on the vulnerable human and decides to get a meal from this easier source.  In the process he forgets about Cage, who springs into action when his own trance wears off.  This all sets up the delightful final page:

Three things.  First, Cage punches out the vamp’s teeth.  Next, he and D.W. use some stinky garlic bread to finally defeat this bumbling but persistent foe.  And, finally, Cage gets a dig in at everyone’s favorite geographic punching bag, New Jersey.


My only regret is that neither “jive turkey vampire” nor “super-honky” found their way into this script.

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  1. ultradude13 permalink
    October 26, 2013 12:48 pm

    These two fought stranger characters than the Defenders!

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