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Hidden Perils in “The Peril and the Power” – Fantastic Four #60

March 29, 2010

I learned a lesson with this one.  The hard way, you might say.

First, the obligatory praise of this particular comic, Fantastic Four #60.  I don’t think I have to break any ground and educate people about the many-splendored thing that was the Lee/Kirby 100+ issue run on FF.  Apply whatever superlatives you want.  It was great storytelling, flat out, pure and simple.  The particular arc of which this issue is a part, the “Dr. Doom steals the Silver Surfer’s board” storyline, is a classic among classics.  I mean, just look at that cover.  The Thing and the good (bad?) Doctor with their heads down wailing away at each other with such force that it’s tearing the ground to pieces.  You have to love it.  You really do.

So, imagine my delight when I found a copy at a show a few months back for a good price.

Now the copy that you see above isn’t immaculate by any stretch of the imagination, but the wear is pretty mild at first glance.  It still has some eye appeal.  When I was debating whether or not to get it from the dealer, I did my due diligence.  I opened up the bag, checked the interior, checked the centerfold, kicked the tires, the whole shebang.  It looked good.  And like I said, the price was right.


So I got home later and was going through my haul for the day and putting my new comics in my Mylites when I came to this one.  That’s when I had a “son of a …” moment.  Look at the cover again.  Maybe you spotted it already.  Look just below the Torch’s left elbow.

There are chunks out of the cover.

At first I couldn’t believe that I had missed that.  I mean there’s a good bit missing.  Two chunks.  Then I realized that they had been camouflaged by the rocky background of the cover art.  I hadn’t seen that when I looked at the cover, and when I opened it up to check inside I didn’t bother to make a closer inspection of the outside.  I thought it already had passed muster.

Wrong.  Oh well, lesson learned.  So much for my good bargain, but I look at the money spent as payment for a little bit of education.  Maybe it’ll save me some cash down the road.  Yeah, I’ll hang my hat on that hope.  And I should make it clear that I don’t feel that the dealer was trying to put one over on me – I mean, the damage was right there on the cover.  This one is totally on me, and if you’re reading this, with luck I’ve perhaps helped you avoid a similar mistake.  You have to be vigilant and thorough when it comes to this stuff, or you end up kicking yourself later.

 And you know what, even with the damage that’s still a pretty great cover.

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