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How the mighty have fallen – World’s Finest Comics #169

March 23, 2010

I don’t usually need any extra oomph to pick up an old World’s Finest that’s in real nice shape. It’s Batman and Superman in action together – what else do you need? This one jumped out at me though when I bought it back in December. It’s one of those goofy Silver Age covers that you just can’t help but love, with the two premier heroes looking like bums and their female counterparts reveling in their discomfort. But there’s more going on.

There are really two things that stand out for me. One is Batgirl’s costume. If you’ve ever read Alex Ross’s Mythology he talks about how great her outfit is with the yellow gloves and boots, and how it’s a little strange that her costume is closer to Batman’s than his sidekick Robin’s. I suppose that that’s mainly due to the names – if Robin was Batboy I’m sure his costume would hew a little closer to the big guy’s. Ross is right that it’s a cool outfit, though. The bright yellow is a nice contrast to Batman’s more somber color pattern, though I have to say that she does look a little bit unsteady on those heels.

What always draws my attention first on this one is Superman. I know he’s pumping up the flat tire, but every time I see him I get the impression that he’s bouncing up and down on some kid-sized pogo stick. It think it’s the motion lines above his head – instead if implying that he’s rocking a little bit as he works the pump they tell my eyes that he’s bouncing up and down. Maybe that’s just me, but that’s what my peepers see, and honestly I prefer the idea of a down and out Superman pogo-ing around – it cracks me up.

Thats gets me to thinking… Has there ever been a cover with Superman on a pogo stick? I think this deserves a Google search. Be back in a minute…

I’m back.  Okay, so I didn’t find any pogo Supes covers, but I did find an actual Superman pogo-stick.  Not exactly what I was looking for, but I’ll take it.

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  1. m lewis redford permalink
    February 22, 2012 4:01 pm

    I love the de-railed cheekiness of these pages. Makes it possible to enjoy the comics again

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